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4 Recommendation Needed | DSL/Cable Internet in New Subdivision

Hi Friends -- We are moving to a new apartment at the far end of Chapparal. While AT&T has told me that they do NOT supply DSL/Cable to this area, they did see in their database that it is available by another company--but of course couldn't tell me who. If you are in this area, and have DSL/Cable Internet, who is your provider? I have knocked out Cable One, they don't do it, Dish is satellite, and Time Warner said they didn't know and would get back to me...that was 2 weeks ago. :( Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!



You might try Rockport WIFI. They are on the web.


Well, they don't provide cable/DSL....but I did learn that Time Warner CABLE isn't rigged up in that area yet. FINALLY, after 4 calls!!....So actually we ARE going with Rockport WiFi! Thanks for the suggestion! :)


I did finally get a hold of AT&T who, get this, wanted me to knock on a bunch of doors to see what people had on the street. I have NO IDEA why AT&T can't see that in their system...waiting to hear back. :/


We use Rockport WiFi and think very highly of them. Fast connection, unbelievably cheap, real human being (local) to talk to. -- Wendy Laubach (Lamar)

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