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1. Where (and how) did you grow up?

I had a fabulous childhood growing up in San Antonio. We lived in a modest neighborhood about one block from my elementary school. Yes, I walked to school and sometimes road my bike. I shared a bedroom with my older sister. I can remember that house being so big but was disappointed when I went back to see it as an adult to discover it was rather small. But what memories I have of a simple life with family and friends, Easter egg hunts, making homemade ice cream, campouts in the backyard, roller skating on the sidewalk, Kool-Aid stands, boys playing football in the street and my sister’s shaving cream fights with her friends in the front yard. And we always decorated our house for Christmas with tons of lights! I know to some of you it sounds like Mayberry, and for us I guess it was...lucky for me!

2. How did your upbringing affect what you do for a living now?

My dad retired rather young from the Air Force, and afterwards he worked for a cigar company and at one point he worked for a candy company...a kid with a sweet tooth’s dream come true! My Mother enjoyed a 30+ year career at Montgomery Ward department store, and was excellent at customer service. Both my parents were hard working and dedicated to providing for our family. They made strong, lasting friendships and I can remember sharing many holidays and Sunday afternoons with the families we were friends with.

Growing up (and even to this day) my sister has been a big influence in my life, teaching me discipline, holding me to task and supporting and challenging me to do my best...always. But, my Dad was the true taskmaster and was pretty tough on us. Looking back I can see they both had a huge influence on me, instilling the “attention to detail” and “see it through” discipline I use in my daily life and when working with my clients.

My Mother’s love for her family (especially me as the baby!), her dedication to her work and her friends shaped a big part of who I am today. I cherish and thank God everyday for my wonderful husband and family, my friends and my clients.

In my consulting business, the key component is the relationship I share with my clients. There is trust, respect and a true sense of my wanting to understand their needs and staying on task to help them achieve their goals. My parents and my sister taught me many of the qualities that I rely on day by day.

3. What brought you to Rockport-­Fulton (and how does it differ from where you have lived previously)?

My husband grew up in Corpus Christi and we met when we were both working at at Texas Commerce Bank (TCB). Shortly after we got married, Frost Bank bought the Corpus TCB and we moved to San Antonio. We both missed the Coastal water lifestyle so much that we bought a Condo in Rockport. That began a 13 year weekend trip (EVERY weekend) from SA to Rockport!

Having grownup in Corpus Christi, Chas knew everyone. Especially since his dad was the first, or maybe second, OB GYN in Corpus and was also Chief of Staff at Spohn Shoreline. So, I was very proud to be known as Mrs. Chas Mella!!

That all changed when we moved full time to Rockport about 9 years ago! I started KRM Consulting, became a Volunteer—aholic! And have made so many fabulous friends, clients and business acquaintances throughout Aransas County!! KRM Consulting was named Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce 2010 Business of the Year. Now Chas is known as Mr. Karen Mella.....just kidding!!!

4. What are your passions?

I love the people that share the Rockport-Fulton paradise community with me! This community is so generous and so supportive. I love the fact that folks retire here from all walks of life, from such diverse backgrounds and with talents and skills that are equaled by none. They then dedicate their “retired” time to serving our community, offering their career experiences, talent and dedication to making our community one of the most desirable locations on the Texas Coast!

I love seeing your local business thrive and want to see us continue to grow responsibly. I shop local!!

I am especially passionate about the positive impact our Aransas County ISD Education Foundation is making in our schools. I am Past President and co-chair the Rockport Shopping Tournament hosted by the Foundation. The Foundation has given over $2 million dollars to ACISD schools, literally changing lives of our teachers and students. Volunteer hours are precious to me and it gives me great satisfaction knowing my efforts, combined with many other dedicated folks, are making a difference in our community.

I have great concern and compassion for conservation of our birdlife and our bay systems. Without them, we lose the reasons most of us live in Rockport-Fulton. I am honored to be this year’s recipient of the Rockport-Fulton Ducks Unlimited “Friend of the Ducks” award which I received last Saturday night at our local banquet. It is awarded by the Chapter to the individual that has demonstrated dedicated support of the local Chapter, Ducks Unlimited and the community.

I am a huge supporter of our Chamber and their efforts to support tourism and economic development. I am the Chair Elect for the 2014-2015 year.


Monica Clark said…
Rockport-Fulton is honored to have both Chas and Karen Mella living, volunteering, and supporting all that Aransas County has to offer. Karen has the most contagious smile and positive energy. She is a joy to work with and always full of fun ideas!!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful story - just proves a wonderful childhood shapes really special people. Always tries to be there when you need her! The world would be a better place if we could clone KM!
Irma Parker said…
Karen continues to make countless contributions to our community that will benefit so many people now and in the future. Not someone to toot her own horn she works tirelessly and silently in the background of many worthy causes. A true - Queen & Lady!

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