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0 NEWSFLASH: The WWN Welcomes the Newest Wonderful Woman to Join Our Team, Kay Wise-Denty!

Best known for her acting and directing talent in the local theater scene, Kay is an avid volunteer, local business owner, and long-time Rockport resident. She will be handling banner ad sales for the WWN! c: (361)463-1471

Hi Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kay Wise-Denty and I’m excited to be doing Banner Ad Sales for the WWN during this upcoming Holiday Season! I’ll be representing the WWN at functions, calling on businesses that serve our 2400+ readership, and stopping in to thank our advertisers all over the Coastal Bend. I believe in the WWN and its service to our community and Banner Ads allow us to provide that service to the readership for FREE!

Let’s work together to have a wonderful Holiday Season in Rockport-Fulton! If you’d like more information on Banner Ads, call me at (361)463-1471 or email me at KayWWNRockport@gmail.com. Talk to you soon! - Kay

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