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0 Pet Adoption | Departed Owner, Need Homes for 2 Loving Cats, Wally & Ringer

Sue Hansen: "I was renting a room from my best friend (Sue Peek). She had a dog and 2 cats. Unfortunately, my friend passed away suddenly on June 13th of this year. She had asked me to take care of her animals if anything ever happened to her. Again unfortunately, she did not leave specifications for us staying in the house, etc. I need to be out of the house by the first of the year so I desperately need to find a home for the 2 cats.

They are beautiful and loving and I have grown very attached to them, but will not be able to take them with me when I move. Mary Alvarez was kind enough to take the attached photos of my babies. The black cat is Wally and the grey cat is Ringer. They are 9 and 10 respectively. They are indoor/outdoor cats and have been together all of their lives so I would like them to be adopted together. I can be reached at my work email or work phone or in the evening on my cell phone. My cell # is (361)463-1656."

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