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4 Shared Link: Rainwater Harvesting & Collection Info

This is a GREAT PDF from the State of Texas. It is everything you need to know about Rainwater Harvesting and Collection. Does anyone in here harvest their rainwater? - Karen



I have 2 55 gal. ran barrels at this time, will be installing a 400 gal. tank soon, I'm from Wimberley (Hill Country) where this is important. A good book is "Rainwater Collection for Dummies" written by a guy in Dripping Springs who installs rainwater collection systems. Kathy


We have 2 55-gallon barrels. They fill every time it rains but I really have no idea how much that should cover for watering. We use it on our trees and it empties very quickly. So we are saving about 200 gallons a month.


Our 20,000-gallon rainwater cistern supplies all of our household use except the toilets and garden irrigation, both of which run on well-water. An electric pump sends water from the cistern back to the house, where it goes through a filtering system that includes a UV zapper. One drinking-water faucet goes through an additional filtering system that includes an RO.

We've had the cistern for about five years, several of which have been fairly severe drought years. On two or three occasions we've had to supplement the cistern with a few thousand gallons from one of our wells, a process that involves leaving the hose running for 24-48 hours. We use a well that has decent water quality but a very low flow-rate.

Because we're on a septic system and have a pond, very little water that lands on our place ever leaves it.

Wendy Laubach (Lamar)


PS, our cistern looks very much like figure 2-8 in the PDF link, while our first-stage filtering system looks almost exactly like figure 2-12. We ordered the cistern from Dripping Springs. It arrived in pieces and was constructed on-site on a concrete pad.

Wendy Laubach

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