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3 The World According to Bella | "Bella Begins Writing Her Memoir"

Today was just that right kind of nice fall day to hang out on the porch. In between a few short naps I managed to keep an eye on Mrs. S’s flowers and guard the yard against intruders. Mrs. S had finished her book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Memoir and thought I would get some good writing tips from it. My friends told me I should write my memoir. Mrs. S is going to help me. She has given me some good ideas. Here is the beginning of Chapter One: Bella’s Road Trip.

I kept going round and around in a tight circle hoping to find just the right spot to settle down for the night. I was having a hard time getting to sleep. The whirl of the computer fan and blinking light made me feel even more restless. Finally, I just couldn't stand it any longer. Here was the chance I had been waiting and thinking about for some time. I knew I could do it. I had watched everyone in the family type on the keyboard millions of times. I knew just what to say.

I made a flying leap for the chair. I wiggled into the seat, flipped opened the computer top, placed my paws on the keyboard and like magic began to type. I have been bursting to tell my road trip story. Just because I am a dog doesn't mean I’m not smart enough to figure out how to use the computer. I want to get my stories out there in cyberspace. I have heard Mrs. S talk about tweets, Facebook and blogging and I knew this type of writing life was just for me. I would name my story Bella’s Road Trip.

As I was resting in my usual napping place near the front window, I began to notice a lot of increased activity. Mr. C and Mrs. S were in a flurry of activity packing bags and making many trips out to the van. I began to pace back and forth. I was worried.. What was going on? "Hey what about me" I wanted to shout! They must have figured out I was worried. “Bella relax we are all going on a road trip down south.” said Mr. C.” This will be a lot of fun.”

Road trip what does that mean I wondered? I was nervous watching all my stuff being packed. In a large bag Mrs. S put in my favorite treats: milkbones and rawhide bones, a Frisbee. blue ball, bed and even my water dish. I was confused. I like our house right here. What is a road trip anyway? What does south mean? How far away are we going from our house?

What do you think of my memoir so far?

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)



I love the Bella stories and I think it would be great if Bella published a book about her adventures.


More Bella More. You're doing fine so keep the memoir going.


A brilliant author, is Bella. Keep it up!

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