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2 VIDEO: Cooking with Karey Butterworth, Chef & Owner of Glow Restaurant | "Mom's Shrimp"

We are so excited that Karey is willing to share her expertise with the WWNetwork! Karey Butterworth is the Chef & Owner of GLOW Restaurant in Rockport. In this segment, Karey demonstrates how to make a GLOW specialty: "Mom's Shrimp"a creamy, rich topping for mashed potatoes, rice or risotto. (Hey, no one said this was low-fat, but it's completely worth every single calorie)...You are going to love this! Enjoy!...and Thanks Karey!



Thanks for the lesson. I am relatively new to cooking seafood and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opportunity to learn from a master!


I agree Barb -- this is WONDERFUL. I hope you do more, Karey!!! Thanks for the info. Looks delicious!

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