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0 “A Day in the Life of Odyssey” by Ms. Kendall Harris’s Fourth Grade Class

"At Odyssey Afterschool, we have a lot of activities. We take the bus after school to the Odyssey campus. We have 8 classrooms from first through sixth grade. First we have snacks, sometimes fruit or snack bars, or pudding or applesauce. Then we do our homework and the teacher, or sometimes our friends, help us. Then we have free time. Sometimes we play games in the cafeteria like indoor tennis, pool, and ping pong. Or we can play on the playground. Then, we have enrichment classes. We have Wii fitness games, painting and crafts in the art studio – we painted pumpkins for Halloween. We also have animals: a bunny named Bunnicula, a cornsnake named Frank, a chameleon, and soon we will have chickens. We have a vegetable garden too. Odyssey is so fun!"

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