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2 REUNITED ♥ Found Dog | Small Yorkie Found at the Corner of Georgian Oaks Rd

REUNITED ♥ ....after a Month of Being Missing from San Antonio! Thank you for being a good samaritan Monica!

Monica C. found a small female Yorkie on Wed night about 10:30 pm at the corner of Georgian Oaks Rd and Whistler's Cove Rd...no collar. (She is taking her in the morning to vet to scan for microchip.) If you have any info please call Monica at (361)438-5896.



This poor puppy ended up being rehomed! The owners never made contact to get their beloved pet back. It is sad that people treat their pets like this, but I am sure she is in a much more loving home nowo!


Oh what a shame! Last we heard she was chipped and the owners were contacted. Thanks for the update. We like to think the puppy found Monica cause she knew she would help her :) thanks for helping this pup Monica....and Karen too!

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