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1 "Heck with the Environment, Cloth Bags Make Life Easier!" by Alice Rose

Wait, what?...well not really 'heck with the environment'... but how about using reusable bags just makes life easier! Everyone talks about the environment when it comes to using cloth bags instead of plastic (and I for one am a HUGE supporter of that effort!), BUT no one really mentions how much better they are to use! Let's be self-centered for a minute...

It use to take my husband and I many many loads of groceries into the housethe handles lined up on our arms, digging into our flesh...ouch!....and hoping that our eggs didn't jet out the bottom of a bag spilling omelets all over the driveway! Not anymore.

We're definitely not perfect...it took a while for us to remember the bags. A few times we would pull up to HEB and think "SHOOT! WE FORGOT THE BAGS!" But when we did the awful chore of grocery shopping was made much easier.

Reusable bags typically have stronger and wider handles. Throwing a few over your shoulder isn't as difficult (or painful) as lining up the plastic ones on your arm. Cloth bags hold way more items...making the trips from the car to the fridge much fewer! Hurray! (my favorite)...AND you typically don't have to worry things are going to fall through!

I'm all for making a better future for our children, but how about making life a little bit easier for ourselves NOW too! Try it...you may be surprised! :)

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Oh yes, the cloth bags are great as you can buy,make from material you have from leftovers, reuse ones you already have & don't use anymore as they may look old-just recycle.Look in your closets and material bins and you will be surprised at what you will find(if you sew like we do & have bins of material) FYI. Lovely recyclables.

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