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2 Pet Adoption | It's Terrific Tanna's Turn to Find a Loving Home!

Our featured dog this week is Tanna, one of the happiest and most beautiful girls at the shelter. Actually, girl is not quite right, this Grande Dame is about 8 years old and she has the wisdom, patience and kindness that comes with age as well as a huge interest in getting adopted. She’s very communicative with the walkers that a family with a loving home is still on her Christmas list.

Tanna’s a laid back lady who enjoys her walks, is gentle on the leash and takes her treats so daintily – she has such excellent manners. And she doesn’t ask for much in return, maybe a hug or a brushing, even just a sit-next-to-you for a while. She’s been saving up her kisses, love and true blue companionship for someone just like you – won’t you come down and meet this beautiful lady? Don’t count her out just because she’s got a little grey around the muzzle, this girl is just getting started!

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle Street, Fulton Tx 78358



Sorry to say the Tanna has made her way over the rainbow bridge. We will miss this ol gal.


Awww we're so sorry. :( She will be running with the wind now.

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