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6 Recommendation Needed | Overnight Dog Sitter in Rockport Area?

Can anyone recommend a dog sitter willing to stay overnight in my home? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jesica



Diane Clark, 205-0221, does a wonderful job for me.


We use Audrey St. Peter, she's great! We have never had her over night but, she used to stay at other home. Let me know if you would like her number. leblancramona@gmail.com


What is the date you need the dog sitter. My sister just retired and moved here with us and is looking for extra work. email me at tejanajuana@gmail.com


Belinda Hutto at Pawsitive Pets does a great job at pet sitting, and offers house sitting as well. Pawsitivepets.net :)


Tender Touch, Joan McCabe -729-0315 and Critter Sitters - Patty - 729-9136. Also, Audrey St. Peter - 790-7649.


Thanks SO much for your help! What a great response. I ended up getting a friend to do it but will keep all of these people in mind!

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