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6 Recommendation Needed | Spinal Surgeon

A few years ago I was in an accident and badly herniated 2 discs in my neck. After years of excruciating pain, I am contemplating the idea of surgery, which is terrifying to me. I hear that herniated discs in your neck, especially after an accident, is very different from back pain from age. Has anyone ever had NECK surgery on herniated discs? Were you pleased with the results? Did you lose mobility?

Thanks in advance!



I recommend Fondren Orthopedics in Houston. They have a concierge service that can help with a discounted hotel, and it is a hospital designed for orthopedic surgery. People from around the world go there.

r. Aaron tucker here in rockport did miracles for me years ago. I had back surgery after a car accident. Nobody could pinpoint what was wrong until I saw him. I could barely stand up right before I had my surgery. It lasted 10 hours but it was 12 years ago and I have never had any problems since. Give him a call.


Dr Matthew Alexander in C C, Tx


I had a benign tumor that stretched from my L1 to L3 removed in a 4 hr. surgery by Dr. Mathew Alexander in Corpus Christi at Spohn Hospital. He is a wonderful, caring surgeon I would highly recommend. But be warned, other than the appt. after your surgery, there is a long wait in his office. His staff allows you to call before you leave your Rockport home to see how long the wait is and they will sign you in so you're not waiting any longer than necessary if you request it. His number is: 361-883-4323 and his office is on Third Street, quite near the hospital.


Thank you for your suggestions!! I will be sure to do some research on these names. :)


Dr. Tucker did mine several years ago and he was wonderful, I had no loss of motion once got done.

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