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3 Recommendation Needed | Squirrel Deterring Methods

Ok I can't take it anymore!! I love birds and have been doing all I can to get them to my backyard. Water, feeders, seed bells....and the dang squirrels have been such a menace! They are so fat they look like ground hogs! I would never ever kill them, but I would love some suggestions on how to deter them from my feeders. I have tried a few things, but would love some tried and true suggestions. Thanks to the 'commenters' in advance! - Joanie



I hang my bird feeders from shepards hooks and tie a slinky on each hook. This is a great way to keep squirrels away. It's entertaining at first and then they get frustrated and finallly give up. They climb the hook grab the slinky and fall to the ground. After a few trips down they give up and stay down. Of course you have to keep the feeders far enough from tree branches that the squirrels can't jump and by-pass the ride to the ground.


I find keeping the feeders away from trees helps but is hard to do with all our oaks. I finally just gave up and now I feed the squirrels from their own feeder with peanuts and critter feed, They love it, and they don't eat as much of the birds food


Someone told me that by hanging the bird feeder on strong fishing line that the squirrels can't climb down it. I suppose you'd have to keep it away from branches, and far enough off the ground. Thought this sounded like a good idea! Let us know what works for you!

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