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0 "Teacher Feature" by Ms. Kendall Harris’s Fourth Grade Class

Kendall Harris is our teacher for our class at Odyssey. This is her first time teaching at Odyssey. Miss Kendall is an artist and lives in Rockport. She is married and has two grown up children of her own. She has two cats and two dogs for her pets. She likes animals and always lets us catch bugs, beetles and lizards to keep in our classroom. She even caught a praying mantis and brought it to class for us. We do lots of art in our classroom. We made our own Halloween decorations and she showed us how to make the post-it note mural for the Lights On Afterschool Open House. Miss Kendall likes us to do science, too. We blew up balloons with yeast and made butter out of whipping cream. This year we have a big rug in our room and Miss Kendall started the Good Choice Club to meet on the rug to talk about Odyssey Rules and how to be nice to each other. She always brings us extra snacks when we are good, which is almost all the time. Miss Kendall tells us that learning is fun, but we still have to follow the rules so that we will be a safe and happy class. Miss Kendall lets us talk in class and have fun. This week Miss Kendall is teaching us Tai Chi. It is a lot like Yoga, only standing up. We have a lot of fun at Odyssey and we are glad that Miss Kendall is our teacher.
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