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3 Found Dog | Is this Your Female Yellow Lab?

An older, female yellow lab was recently found crying at the remodel construction site at 2325 Harbor Drive. Lisa Griffin's family at 2321 Harbor Drive has taken this gentle, beautiful dog into their home while trying every way they know how to locate the owner. They have knocked on doors, contacted animal control, contacted the animal shelter, posted on Craigslist, and checked newspapers. No one has claimed or advertised for the dog.

Lisa, Jason, and their children have gone to extraordinary lengths to try and reunite the dog with its owner, and they need our help.

If you know who this dog belongs to please contact the Griffins at:

Thanks Graham Painter



Angels owner was located yesterday however he is unable to keep her due to relocating. She is 10 years old and the sweetest thing. If anyone is interested in adopting her please let us know. Thank you , Lisa & Jason Gordon 512-970-2049


What the heck is wrong with people??? I sure hope that after 10 years of love and companionship that these people have NO CHOICE but to rehome this beautiful dog....because if they seriously abandoned her and left town, they should be hit with some sort of animal neglect charges!! Gross.


Agreed. I hope she finds a deserving, loving home, because those people don't deserve a dog like her.

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