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3 Local Profile | Lisa Baer Frederick: Artist, Local Business Owner, Free Spirit!

1. Where did you grow up? 

I was born and raised in the rural central Texas town of Rockdale. I grew up with the same kids from 1st to 12th grade. Most of the dads in the community worked at Alcoa Aluminum. My dad was an instrument technician for Industrial Generating Company that supplied energy for the Alcoa plant and my mom was a nurse. I was the youngest of three girls. We lived outside the city limits in a rural residential development with crunchy dirt roads smoothed by big tractors. Our house backed up to a pasture that was several hundred acres of wilderness just beyond the barbed wire fence. It was safe for us to roam the “woods” and create all kinds of play areas. There were dug outs, tunnels, grapevine jungles, tiny cities and wide open space for creativity to blossom. A stick and sand was usually the start something big.

2. What brought you to Rockport, Texas?

My family came to Rockport every summer. My dad fished and we ran barefoot through the town. Rockport was fun, sun, beach and a budding art scene. My motherʼs sister was Estelle Stair and she had been connected to the art scene since the early 60s. She introduced me to more structured creativity. It was fun to be around “sophisticated” artists. In contrast, Rockdale was pastures, cattle, the Alcoa plant and a wild abandon in the “woods.”

3. How did your upbringing affect what you do for a living? 

Owning Estelle Stair Gallery was the ultimate gift to me from my family, and another wonderful space in which to create. The artists I choose to show within the gallery are mostly local. The others, have some kind of connection to Rockport or to me. In a sense, small town camaraderie has been extended to my profession. It just “feels right.”

4. What are your passions? 

I like wide open spaces and alone time. I like to create with no restrictions. I like to think of art as play or introspection with experimental abandon. I like gut wrenching honesty, stray dogs and cats. And I like the WWN!
We like you too, Lisa!! :) Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about yourself with us! It's people like you that make Rockport so special and welcoming!



I simply ♥ the Estelle Stair Gallery. I walk through the door and I'm transported to a magical place. And I greatly appreciate Lisa's support of the arts and artists.


I love Lisa, the art she creates and her gallery. I never knew these details of her life and I feel like I know her better now. It sounds like she had a wonderful childhood. Nice interview.


Lisa is a lovely, talented lady! We are so fortunate to have her in our community.

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