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0 Recipe | Melting Snowmen Cookies!

Looking for a fun project with the kids or grandkids.... don't just make plain holiday cookies, make super fun melting snowmen cookies!

We can't take credit, as this is a pretty popular idea on the Internet, but we just had to pass this adorable idea along to the Network.

Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and top with royal icing. Be sure it's royal icing, so the icing will harden over time. The face of the snow man is a marshmallow. Push the marshmallow into the still wet royal icing. Wait a few minutes for the parts to conjoin, and then get creative! Decorate with your favorite colored icing!--homemade or simply purchase the pre-made tubes from the grocery store. Add some buttons, a scarf, eyes...and don't forget the carrot nose!

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