The World According to Bella | "Bella’s Memoir Chapter Two: Road Trip Down South"

Remember last time I wrote about my road trip story down south? Here’s what happened next.

The first two days riding in the van went well. Mr. C and Mrs. S called me Stellar Bella after two days on the road. They said my behavior was A++ for the many hours I was forced to endure riding in the van. As we burned up the miles through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky I mostly napped with an occasional whimper, bark or low growl to let them know I was still there and needed to get out of the van for my “business.” Rest Stops were the highlight of the trip with all the good smells, tasty food crumbs and bits of trash to sniff. But I had to be quick to snarf them up before Mr. C would see me eating and then he’d drag me back to the van.

As the sun rose on day three, my hopes began to fall. Would I ever get to see the big sandy dog park Mrs. S calls the beach? Would this road trip ever stop? No, because Mr. C and Mrs. S had to stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Civil War Battlefields were soooooo boring gazing at one stone monument after another. My full attention was on all the squirrels and chipmunks running around. Notice Mrs. S did get me to stand still for one picture. 

Next stop Deer Park, Rock City in Georgia did sound interesting since a deer chase sounded fun. Mrs. S noticed a sign that said No Dogs Allowed Past This Point. I did not understand because the brochure she read stated Leashed Pets Always Welcome. 

My stomach felt queasy, my heart began to race. Did this mean I would have to sit in the van all afternoon and miss all the fun? My whimpering and whining finally got Mr. C to open the door. Quickly I leaped from the back to the front seat and out the door not wanting to miss my opportunity.
My nose twitched like crazy. Where were those deer? I was on a mission. They couldn't be too far off. “Bella, Bella!” I heard my name being called over and over, but I ignored them.

I whizzed past the entrance gate almost knocking over a couple leaving. To my doggie dismay all the deer scattered. The chase was on as I dodged bushes, a small pond, people, tables, benches and trashcans. But I was not quick enough to catch even one deer. I knew I was in big trouble when Mr. C chased me down, grabbed my leash trailing on the ground and dragged me back to the van. I had to sit in the van for the rest of the afternoon while Mr. C and Mrs. S had all the fun at the park.
Little did I know that even a bigger adventure awaited me at the big sandy dog park called the beach the next day. I will save that chapter for next time.

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready. Thanks Sue!)

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