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3 "Do you care for outdoor feral cats?" by Sara Dillenkofer

This is some info we picked up on Facebook and wanted to share. The source is from Cleveland, so we aren't getting the type of temperatures that they do this time of year, but still good info! These types of tubs are on sale everywhere after the holidays!...A super cost effective homemade shelter!
"Here are some recommendations for keeping these felines warm and safe in these very cold temperatures:

First, make sure they have a dry, warm place to go. This can be as simple as a container with a hole cut in the side filled with straw (pictured) to a complex wooden structure with doors and mats that reflect body heat.

The most important part is that straw is used as an insulator, not blankets. Blankets freeze when they get wet whereas the straw stays dry and cats can burrow into it.

Finally, in these cold temperatures, we recommend feeding canned food because of the high water content. Also having a heated water dish is an excellent idea if possible."

- Sara Dillenkofer
Cleveland Animal Protective League
Animal Welfare Clinic Coordinator

(First Published Jan 1, 2014)



Another good idea I just saw online is to use an old Styrofoam cooler, flipped over, with a hole cut out on the front! Voila! Built in installation! - Martha


Great ideas...do we have a monitored feral colony in Rockport? diane


Well not sure what you mean by monitored, but are there tons of feral cats in Rockport? OH MY YES!!

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