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4 Local Profile | "A Little Bit About Shelly Stuart"

Shelly is the VP of Operations at the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

"My life as a child was very unconventional, you might even say dysfunctional, yet I had a very happy childhood. The first part of my life was spent in Toronto, Kansas, a town much smaller than Rockport. When I was nine, we moved to what I thought at the time was the big city, the capital of Kansas, Topeka. I spent the next 14 years there where I went to school, worked, got married and had my beautiful daughter Alicia. When I was 23 I moved back to Toronto to raise my daughter in the same small town that I knew and loved.

After several years back in Toronto I grew restless and I dreamed of what I could accomplish and make of my life when the time came to leave this small town. The events that took place in that small town in Kansas would shape and change my entire life. Since I was the youngest child and the only girl in my family I was always trying to prove to my much older brothers that I could do anything. My entire life has been spent by water so it's really not surprising that I would end up in Rockport-Fulton where I had been visiting for many years. Rockport-Fulton is actually a lot like the town I was raised in. Although I sometimes miss the changing seasons, I appreciate the South Texas winters.

Anyone who knows me knows my biggest passion and pleasure in life is spending time with my family, especially my grandson Samuel. I also feel an extreme commitment to my community and my job. I have learned so much since becoming part of the team of the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce ten years ago. My life and my career are very satisfying to me and I'm looking forward to the next ten years at the Chamber.

My journey in life has taken me to many places and now it's finally brought me to Rockport-Fulton. A place alone has little meaning, it's the people that make it special and the people here have made this the best place on earth."



Congratulations on 10 years with the Chamber, Shelly! You are truly one of our wonderful women! :)


Congratulations Shelly! I know the Chamber is very lucky to have you. You are such an asset to this community. I am very blessed to know you, and even more so to be able to call you my friend.


Congrats Shelly! I have so much enjoyed getting to know you and know that the Chamber is very fortunate to have you. I look forward to many years of friendship and working with each other. You are a blessing to all who know you!


Shelly, I recently read in the paper of several people completing a course on hospitality for Rockport. For new people moving here, getting a Texas driver's license is a nightmare in Aransas Pass. I'm sure you know the right people to get involved in making the process easier. Your office is perhaps one of the first contacts for visitors to this community. Thank you for service.

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