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0 Pet Adoption | Handsome Hunk "Tyler" Needs a Home!

You know those calendars with the handsome, hunky firefighters? Well, if they made one of dogs, I’d be Mr. January, and my pose would be shirtless, just some bright red suspenders contrasting with this inky black fur.

My name is Tyler and I am the resident love pup out at the shelter, a real ladies man you might say. Like the perfect man that you’re all looking for, I have many sides to my personality. A typical day with me would start with me helping you train for that 10k that you promised yourself that you’d get in shape for. I’ve got plenty of energy to keep up, maybe even push you a bit to give a little more. And when we’re done, what better way to cool down than a quick dip at the doggie beach? You & me, splashing & swimming our cares away.
The end to our perfect day would find me helping with the dishes (doesn’t licking them clean count?), then onto the sofa for a movie. Yes, I’d rather watch something with Bruce Willis, but if a chick-flick has you crying on my shoulder, well, that would just be part of my job, one that I would consider fabulous.

I’d really like to share this lifestyle with you; couldn’t you put my adoption day on your calendar?

Fulton Texas 78358

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