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2 ADOPTED! Pet Adoption | "Simone" | A Tabby Cat Story--Blessed by Mary, Mother of Jesus


"I'm Simone, a very friendly and confident female tabby. I've been working hard to find a new home. I was at the Humane Society's tent at Market Days on Saturday, and met some very interesting people, including a woman who told me a tabby cat story. I don't know if it is true, but once you've heard it, I hope you'll consider adopting a tabby like me.

The story goes that more than two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, Baby Jesus was born and laid in a manger. It was cold and all the animals gathered around the manger to provide heat, but Baby Jesus was still cold. Then a tabby cat jumped in the manger and curled up around him to keep him warm. In gratitude, Jesus' mother Mary touched the tabby on her forehead and blessed her. Since that time, every tabby carries Mary's mark of an "M" on their forehead. You can see my "M" in the photo.

Whether you believe it or not, please come see my beautiful markings. I'm living in Cattery 2 at the Humane Society, but would love to go home and keep you warm. There's a special low cat adoption fee during January of only $20.14 (like the new year) and includes a neuter or spay and rabies shot, so come by this month. I'm a steal with this deal. Come see me soon."

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle Street
Fulton Texas 78358



What a lovely story. I will think of it every time I look at my rescue tabby. I hope this beautiful little lady finds a loving home! xxoo


Hip Hip Hurray! Simone was adopted by a very nice family with 3 two-legged boys to love her. Congratulations Simone!

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