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3 Recommendation Needed | Good, Sturdy, Non-Stick Frying Pan

Dear Friends, I went to make pancakes this morning....I used the same pans I have been using for a few years. Not cheap pans to say the least, but I was using a metal spatula. I finished my pancake stack...and was horrified to notice on closer inspection that my pancakes had tiny black flecks of Teflon!! Eeeek! This really freaked me out, and I threw the pancakes out. My question to you is....is this inevitable with all pans? I do have a iron skillet from my grandmother, but I hear that they can put a lot of iron in your diet (not quite sure if that's something to worry about). Can anyone recommend a good sturdy non-stick skillet/frying pan? Thanks! Aubrey



Yes! Scanpan, wholeheartedly! Made in Denmark. I have purchased several on Amazon.com and love them. No teflon or other flake-offable "coating," can wash them while they're hot, can use metal utensils (unlike teflon which requires plastic or silicon)-- and wonderfully non-stick! Read the directions that come with it for easy usage tips!


I got an orgreenic pan for Christmas & it has been very non-stick. It is ceramic rather than Teflon.


Wow. Thank you for these suggestions!! I can't wait to go shopping online!

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