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1 The World According to Bella | "Learning New Words and Being Resourceful"

Santa must have gotten my list. He thought I had been good because I got lots of rawhide bones and even one that was shaped like a lollipop. There was one unexpected gift. It was a very cool ornament that looked like me but wearing a sparkling jeweled crown. Mrs. S said I was now immortalized (new word #1) in gold. 

The day after Christmas was another unexpected gift-a trip to the lake. And did I ever have fun even though my behavior went from very good to very bad. Lucky I had already opened all my presents.
In this picture I’m sprinting full speed across the lake to catch up to Mr. C who was skiing. 

We were on our way out to pay a social call to our neighbor Paul at his icehouse. When Paul saw I was at the lake he hurried off up the hill to put his cleaned fish fillets in a safer spot. Guess he remembered last year’s incident when I stole his bag of fillets tucked into a snow bank just as he was ready to grill. 

The day went well but that night I went a little crazy. I was supposed to go outside and "do my business” but instead I disappeared into the night. Or at least that’s what a very concerned Mrs. S thought. I knew where I was going. I was on a mission.

After what they thought was a very long time I showed up at the door with saliva dripping from my mouth and licking my chops. I didn't fool Mr. C and Mrs. S one bit. They knew what I had done but really didn't have any actual proof. The next day my cover was blown.

Again, I was expected to go out and "do my business" but disappeared for a very long time. This time my behavior was what Mrs. S called brazen (new word #2). I showed up at the door with a fresh piece of deer carcass hanging from my mouth. Mr. C had a hard time getting me to drop it for a trade. His trade was a dumb piece of turkey and I thought mine was better. He had to wrestle me for the deer bone. 

Later in the day Mr. C made an unexpected discovery in the fire pit. And I was busted! I thought I was being resourceful (new word #3) by dragging all these pieces of deer carcass to the fire pit. I was stockpiling (new word #4) so I had a supply of food. I thought I was being resourceful foraging (new word #5) and saving Mr. C money on buying my food at a store.

I was sorry when Mr. C and Mrs. S announced it was time to leave for the cities. I was having such a good time.

Happy New Year 2014 with the next chapter of Bella’s memoir to follow in the New Year.

Love, Bella


(Sue Ready)

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Bella, sounds exactly like my addition to may family; her name is Carly. However, I love her dearly!

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