The World According to Bella | "Surviving the Polar Vortex at the Lake"

"I got tired of listening to Mrs. S read about the polar vortex...

As the coldest air in 20 years surges into major population centers in the United States, many are raising eyebrows over its rare cause: the positioning of the polar vortex. A large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern hemisphere, which sits over the polar region during the winter season is called a polar vortex. The frigid air has found its way into the United States and has pushed South.

But I had more immediate things to worry about like how to get over the high snow banks to chase the deer out of the yard,get that chipmunk that just ran up the tree and how to keep my paws from freezing. I am allowed outside for only short periods of time. But being inside isn't much better.

It’s hard for me to get my paws on the computer, since Mr. C and Mrs. S are always on it. But I did find this poster online that said: Life is Short Play with Your Dog. I left it up on the screen to remind Mr. C and Mrs. S that I needed some attention. When I got up this morning it was -23. I went back to bed hoping it was just a bad dream. When I woke up later the temperature had hardly moved toward zero. Now I am stuck inside with not much to do but nap, eat and take another nap.

Today I laid around most of the day watching Mrs. S cook, hoping for food drops, wishing the phone would ring hoping someone wanted a doggie play date with me and staring out the window watching the snow blow across the lake wanting to play outside.

At one point Mrs. S got real excited reading an article titled: Beat the Cold with Indoor Dog Activities. Now she has some crazy ideas of things we can do inside to make my day more fun.
Like how many times do you think I can do the Stairway Dash before my legs are sore?
Hide and Seek was fine but we ended going through all the rest of my doggie bones and there's nothing left I want to go seek.

Under, Over and Through was just plain dumb. Mr. C was trying to teach me certain tricks like perfecting my handstand walking on 2 feet and crawling under the coffee table without getting stuck. All I want to do is roll over put my legs up in the air and wait for someone to give me a belly rub.

The article promised these active games would engage me physically and mentally to tire me out and that being inside is every bit as fun as being outside. All I can say is don't believe everything you read!"

Bella (writing from the center of the polar vortex )

(Sue Ready. Thanks for sharing Bella's adventures with the Network!)

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