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3 Roving Reporter | "Pair of Blue Herons Building a Nest Atop an Old Boat in Cove Harbor" | Photograph by Bonnie Roller

Thanks for sharing this wonderful shot with us, Bonnie!



Beautiful Bonnie!


I used to go to Cove Harbor every spring to see all the herons nesting there, admire what good parents the adults were, check out how quickly the babies grew. One sunken boat always hosted three big nests in its rigging; nearby boats hosted one or two, including nests of other big shorebirds. The birds apparently return to their old nesting sites: all the nests were full every year. The rigging gave the adults places to stand and keep an eye on their progeny. The boats I went to see every year are gone, eyesores not wanted for the new development. I always hoped the county or Navigation District would add some nesting posts in the nearby marshy areas as replacements. It's really nice to see a mated couple still trying to make a family in the area. Thanks for the great photo.


Fabulous photo. In Indian lore, the blue heron is the totem for: "Find in et peace."

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