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6 Roving Reporter | A Rare Shot at the Crane House in Lamar | "Bobcat" by Sally Mitchell

Check this out! Sally Mitchell was staying at the Crane House in Lamar when she nabbed a rare find...a shot of a large bobcat! Sally didn't realize they were so active out in Lamar, but after speaking with the owner of Crane House, Al Johnson, he mentioned that they have been spotted out there for quite a while. If you're familiar with this area, Sally said that this shot wasn't taken right in the 'back yard' but "just a little way down the old road to the left." The bobcat crossed the road and then quickly disappeared into the brush. Rightly so, Sally said she will be a bit more cautious out there now!



Good show! What a great shot. Thanks so much for sharing this, Sally!! - Alicia


Wow! I can’t believe it! Thanks for sharing!


Sally...this is amazing. we used to see them out there but not this close! Just shows what fabulous skill you have. Wind Way Gallery is lucky to have your beautiful work. Caro


What a beautiful shot! And you caught the bobcat looking, just wonderful! Thank you for this picture!


We see bobcats out here in Lamar pretty often. I've never gotten a beautiful photo like that, though! -- Wendy Laubach


I am curious. .. is there a difference between a bobcat, and a lynx? Does anyone know? This is a wonderful photo. Congratulations to the photographer. Thank you for sharing! :-)

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