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Keri Kelly, CJ Wax, Susan Wax & Richard Bianchi kindly pose for a "photo op" during the Rockport Center for the Arts' Opening Reception during Clay Expo Weekend.

The Bountiful Bowl Pottery Fair (which was part of Clay Expo) brought dozens of shoppers to Rockport-Fulton High School. The event was put on by the wonderful folks at The Aransas County Council on Aging. 

One Happy Fella! Maria Nesbit, Bill Philpott, and Bobbie Pearl.

L to R: Alex Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Greg Harlan, Renee Harbour, & Katherine Harlan enjoy a lovely time at Latitude 28'02' Restaurant. Image shared by Renee Harbour.

Beverly Trifonidis, Executive Director of the Rockport Center for the Arts, and Mary Ellen Nies, Executive Director of the Aransas County Council on Aging, present an award to one of the talented artists during the Bountiful Bowl Pottery Fair.

Jim Naismith demonstrates the Ike Jime process to students at Glow's Coastal Flavors Seafood School Saturday Feb 1st. Image shared by Karey Butterworth.

Guests enjoying the Grand Tasting Dinner at Glow's Coastal Flavors, which raised over $1200 for Meals on Wheels! Image Shared by Karey Butterworth.

Little Bay Sea Queens and fan, Glynn Denty (WWN's own Kay Wise-Denty's hubby), take a break from the Book Sale at Shark Tank. Photograph by Maria Nesbit.

Bobbie Pearl and her friends pause for a pose outside the Shark Tank in Fulton.
Photograph by Maria Nesbit.

Bobbie Pearl sells some books during the LBSQ's Book Sale in Fulton.
Photograph by Jim Cole.

Educator Lara (aka Victorian lady) and Volunteer coordinator Sharron White Flood (aka Victorian lady's maid) get ready to do a program at the Fulton Mansion's Education Center.
Photo by Mary Alvarez.

"Great Blue Heron at Port Aransas" Photograph by Maria Nesbit

"Home on Copano Ridge" Photography by Kay Wise-Denty

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