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5 Roving Reporter | "Choir Practice" | Photography by Jim Cole

Check out this 'beaut by Jim Cole from last hummer season entitled "Choir Practice."  Have you left your hummer feeders up all year round? What type of "off-season" traffic do you get? Would you say it's worth it or not worth leaving the feeder up all year?



We leave one or two feeders up all year down from the two dozen we have up during the fall migration. There's never heavy traffic in the off-seasons, but there are always one or two birds around.

Wendy Laubach


After the wave of hummers, I kept my feeder up for a least a month after, it there really weren't finally I took it down. Can't wait for next season though! Will the WWN be doing their live hummer camera again?


Hi Julie -- Thanks for your comments. We are planning on it! Probably not until the fall though when the large waves come to Rockport-Fulton. That definitely turned out to be a favorite for some folks! Amazing to watch them up close, huh!?


I leave my H Bird feeders hanging all year & replenish food every 2 wks if not sooner.I always have 3 or so hanging around and looked out today around 1pm and saw 2 in the front yard feeding-what a site to see & I was sooo happy to see them at the feeders again during the cool weather.


Please, Please! If you decide to feed hummingbirds throughout the year, it is just as important to change and thoroughly clean the feeders every 4 to 5 days in cooler weather and every 3 days when it begins to warm up. Harmful mold can start growing in just that short time frame. It is a big commitment to keep them clean all year, and better to not keep them out if you cannot keep them clean. I usually keep at least one feeder "going" all winter for that occasional wintering bird and then add to the number of feeders in the early spring when migration begins. I have had Buff-bellied, Rufous, and Ruby-throated hummingbirds in my yard during the past two months.

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