The World According to Bella | "The Great Escape"

The Polar Vortex is now but a horrible memory. I’ve made an escape to a place where I can roam free, my paws are not freezing and icicles are not hanging from my whiskers. Mr. C and Mrs. S drove over 1,000 miles before we saw something other than snow and ice.

On day three the endless van ride FINALLY came to a screeching halt. And none too soon for me I might add. I was tired of listening to Mr.C and Mrs. S yak, gas stations and rest areas. Trash sniffing at dumpsters was getting boring. I needed some real stuff to sink my teeth into.

As soon as Mr. C opened the van door I made an impressive leap from the back of the van to the middle to the front seat and out the driver’s door in practically the blink of an eye. Besides needing to pee big time, I had had enough of riding in the van! 

Mr.C ran after me yelling something. Because it was so windy I couldn’t hear a thing. Besides I was off on a mission with my leash trailing behind me. I was still wearing my doggie car harness vest but I needed to see this big sandy dog park called the beach that everyone had been talking about for days. In the distance I could hear the crash of something. I headed in that direction. Then I saw it and stopped. What a sight! With one sniff of the salt air all the memories came back of my last trip here.

The waves of water rolled noisily up to the sand with a crash and then rolled back into the sea. Several kids were running into the water yelling and laughing. And birds, well I’ve never seen so many in one place. They soared, swooped and even did a dance on the sand. 

I ran down the beach at a breathtaking speed hoping to catch one but I wasn’t fast enough. All of a sudden one bird touched down on the sand. I was certain I could catch this one but all of a sudden I felt myself being pulled and carried away from the sand into the water. I struggled a bit in the water. I tried to bark in between gulps of the icky, salty water. Furiously, I began to do my best dog paddle to get back to the shore. 

Back on the beach Mr.C was yelling and waving me back in. Waves of water rushed over me and tossed me about. This was not like my lake water back home. It was becoming a bit scary. But not to worry, Mrs. S made sure I was prepared for emergencies just like this one. I grasped the cord hanging from my car harness vest in my mouth and gave it a little tug. Instantly my car vest inflated and kept me afloat. Paddling seemed like a cinch now. 

A boy on his board nearby swam towards me, grabbed my collar with the leash submerged in the water. Really, I didn’t think a rescue mission was necessary. I was actually enjoying the ride bouncing up and down on the waves.

He dragged me ashore. I was drenched and panting. Mr. C and Mrs. S seemed quite relived. Maybe they were worried I’d drown. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. 

Mr. C took a firm hold of my leash and we headed back toward the van. When I spied a round slimy whitish blob on the sand, he yelled. “No. Bella, No!” 

With all this good stuff on the beach needing my close attention I just have to figure how to get back to the beach… but on my own. 

FYI: I’m staying here til I get the word from home the polar vortex has gone away. 

Love, Bella

Sue Ready


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