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0 Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program | Oil Bird Update: Ways You Can Help! Shared by Debra Corpora

Much of the oil and oily wrack has been cleaned off Mustang Island beaches but more came in to Padre Island earlier this week. Birds that got oil still have oil - they are preening and, in the process, ingesting it and smearing it over larger areas of their bodies. We are active doing surveys and communicating findings with the response command structure which is helping them make response decisions.

WE NEED HELP - We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to conduct an oiled bird assessment on a stretch of beach in the area. It involves driving the beach, assessing each bird, recording data, and photodocumentation. We can train you in the protocol but have no funds to provide additional equipment at this time. You must be comfortable with identification of common shorebirds. If you would like to volunteer for these surveys please contact me at dnewstead@cbbep.org.

OTHER WAYS TO HELP - We are still covering all our bases including working to improve nesting success of colonial waterbirds like herons and terns and pelicans, and ongoing projects with shorebirds such as Red Knots and Piping Plovers. You can make a charitable donation to help us keep this work moving forward by clicking on the "Donate" tab on the banner at www.cbbep.org

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