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0 Pet Adoption | 5 Kittens Need Loving Forever Homes!

We are hoping that you can help us to find homes for these five adorable kittens found this morning at the backdoor of our office. There are quite a few ferrel cats in the neighborhood and one has made our back porch home. We would like to see these sweet kittens grow up in a loving & responsible home rather than turn wild and scrounge the area like their parents. Their eyes are open & while they are still pretty young, we think they are old enough to be weaned. There are two grey/black striped tabbies, one orange tabby with white underbelly & legs, a black & white one, and the white one looks to be part siamese; with pale orange points on it's muzzle, ears & paws. We can't tell which are males or females. We are going to take them home with us today so the momma cat doesn't move them away. Please contact us if you are interested in giving one of these kittens a loving forever home @ 361-729-1554 between 8:30am - 5pm.

Thank you, Sandra Carter

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