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3 Pet Adoption | "Mr. T Needs a New Team!"


Mr. T Wants to Join The A Team--That's The Adopted Team My name is Mr. T and I'm named after a star in the old TV series, The A Team. But don't let my name deceive you. The "T" is supposed to stand for "Tough," but I'm not. Just like the original Mr. T, I'm a guy with a muscular chest with a big lovable heart. There's nothing I like better than curling up in someone's lap and having a good purr while I'm petted. Don't think I might not have nice manners either. One of the Humane Society's staff took me home for a few days to see how I behaved. I passed with flying colors with both the man and the woman of the house. I'm back at the shelter now, neutered, vaccinated and ready to adopt, I'm just waiting for the right person to come in and discover me. As Mr. T used to say, "Pity the fool" who doesn't adopt me.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
308 Myrtle St.



What a gorgeous picture, Suzanne! Nice work!


He is a wonderful cat! I took him for an see how he would do in a home environment. Oh he is a lover!! He is incredible! Would love to see him get into a home soon :)


Mr. T looks like my Scottie cat whom I adore. Such a sweetie. I hope Mr. T finds a good home.

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