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3 Roving Reporter | "Lunar Eclipse Seen from Rockport" Photography by Sally Mitchell

"Determined to get photos of the moon eclipse, I dragged the camera on tripod around the backyard (which is almost completely covered by a large live oak tree) until I found a clear spot and took a few shots of the full moon a couple of hours before the eclipse. Then I set my alarm for eclipse time and went to bed. I managed to drag myself out of bed when the alarm went off. I again lugged the tripod around the yard (in 20+mph winds), looking for a clearing. Finally found a spot, fought the tripod to get a nearly straight up shot, then actually noticed the moon. My first thought -- "That's not a full moon!" LOL. My sleep deprived brain had forgotten that the whole point of this exercise was shooting an ECLIPSE! Got a few shots, but simply couldn't stay awake for the entire eclipse." :) - Sally Mitchell



Great shots Sally!


Nice photos. The moon is a lot harder to shoot than you'd think!


Beautiful pictures! I'm impressed with your patience. Thanks for sharing such a phenomenal event.

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