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0 Roving Reporter | "Rockport Earth Day and Red Fish Run 2014" Pictures

Photo by Kay Wise-Denty
"Our committee moved mountains (or so it seemed) to not only double but TRIPLE the number of participants in only our second year. Event day was perfect: warm and sunny but not hot; great turnout; our families at our side doing whatever needed to be done; my brother performing (a special treat, indeed!); and surrounded by friends and neighbors who "get it" that we are all in this together. Together we had a wonderful celebration of the Earth's bounty. My mind is dancing with ideas for next year already!" - Christy Ilfrey, Organizer

Festival Organizers in Front of the WWN's Purple Banner from Left to Right, Kimmi Moake, Chris Hale, Christy Ilfrey, Ashlee Flowers & Becky Sanders

"Overall, we did exceptionally better in participation in the Redfish Run and the Earth Day Festival. We received excellent feedback from the vendors that they are excited for next year and really enjoyed this year. We're already planning for next year and are excited for the growth that occurred at our 2nd Annual Rockport Earth Day and Redfish Run. We thank everyone for their support and assistance throughout the entire process." - Kimmi Moake, Organizer

Our Good Friend and Contributor Justin Butts of Four Sting Farm

Diana Harrington of Soul Center

Lara Garner from the Fulton Mansion with Middle School Helpers

"Thank you for including the Humane Society in the booths for the Earth Day Celebration on Saturday. We had two very successful things happen at the event. First, we had our Recycled VIP Cats in the booth and there was a lot of interest in them. In fact, there was so much interest that one of the cats, "Two Bits," was adopted at the event! He is an older brown tabby with a lot of personality and has lived at the shelter for some time. The exposure provided by his being at the booth gave him a chance to impress many people he would never see at the shelter. His new home is with the family that had the pygmy pig kissing booth to raise money for the Humane Society. Secondly, we received a lot of donations at the event. Our booth brought in $43 and the Kiss the Pygmy Pig booth brought in $58. This was a great day for all the kitties at the Humane Society." - Gayly Opem (pictured below on right), Volunteer, Humane Society & Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton

Photo by Kay Wise-Denty

Photo by Kay Wise-Denty

Photo by Kay Wise-Denty

Photo by Johnny Taylor

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