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Tech Tip | Comment on the WWN, Turn on 3rd Party Cookies

iPad & iPhone:
With 25% of our readership now on an iPad, you may need to adjust your settings if you want to "join in the conversation!" In your settings (the GEAR icon) click "Safari." Next, change your "Accept Cookies" settings to "Always." Voila! Now you can comment. If for whatever reason this isn't your desired long-term setting, change it back after you comment....it's as simple as flipping a switch. Hope to hear from you soon!

Fire Fox Mozilla: 
In your preferences select "Privacy." Next, click the "Accept third-party cookies square. Click "Exceptions" and enter in http://wwnrockport.com and http://blogger.com. Click ok. All done!

In your Preferences click "Show advanced settings..." at the very (very) bottom >> "Content Settings..." >> Under "Cookies" click >> "Manage Exceptions" and enter in http://wwnrockport.com and http://blogger.com Voila! Now you can comment!

On Mac OS: Click the name "Safari" in the top left-hand corner. Then, click "Preferences" >> click "Privacy." Select "Never" to enable 3rd Party cookies. Now you can comment!

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