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2 "The Scarf Lady" by Sherrill Pool Elizondo

"About twenty years ago I decided that I wanted to take crochet lessons. One day a week, at a beautiful yarn shop, I struggled and learned with the help of a very patient woman. The classes were enjoyable, as I got to socialize with other women who were learning the basics for crocheting scarves and afghans. Even after this amount of time, I still have problems understanding some of the directions for more intricate patterns and found it much easier having someone teach me the steps. I started knitting classes but gave up on that early on! I admire anyone who can actually knit a sweater! Over the years I crocheted scarves for many family members and friends and crocheted queen sized afghans for all the family members which included my husband, children, and grand children. I enjoy crocheting baby blankets with the shell border too.

I love looking at the yarn in this woman’s store, though some of the yarn is quite expensive since most is imported. Large afghans can cost 100 dollars or more in yarn alone and this is when one doesn’t even use the most expensive yarn. I, also, buy yarn at chain hobby and arts and crafts stores. Though I love to read novels, in the evening you will often find me crocheting away on my next project as I “listen” to whatever my husband has on TV. It has become an expensive hobby but I enjoy creating something with my hands and staying busy. Whenever there is enough leftover yarn, I have crocheted small fun afghans and they are very colorful with every type of yarn imaginable! Every year the owner of the yarn shop takes afghans to MD Anderson to give to the children/teenagers with cancer. So, many of her customers (including me once) work on afghans for that worthy cause.

In recent years, I have given hundreds of scarves away and gave up trying to sell any of them. It is always so heart warming to give a scarf to a friend or acquaintance and usually results in a warm thanks and a hug for me…especially if the woman has had a recent loss or problem in her life. Sometimes I visualize a particular person while I crochet and usually it ends up being exactly the color she loves. I am starting to run out of people to give scarves to but still always find someone who has been especially kind or helpful to give one to...be it the girl who sells me coffee at Starbuck’s to someone who made a sandwich for me at a shop who had a family member in the hospital. It was easy enough to go grab an extra scarf I had in my car and it brought her much joy to receive a gift from a complete stranger! There are always little kind things people can do every single day that does not take much effort.

My husband calls me the "Scarf Lady" and I have lost track of how many I have made or how much yarn that I keep in a closet. A few months ago I went online to see what charitable organizations took donated crocheted or knitted items. I wish that I had checked into this sooner. Some of you may know of these or other organizations, but I thought I would pass this along to any knitting/crocheting group or any individual who might be interested. There are three organizations I have donated scarves to. The first one is an organization in California that donates scarves to women in battered women shelters or are homeless. It is a very worthwhile organization that is strictly volunteer. They give away thousands of scarves every year. The founder will always get back with you in an email. The other two are organizations that donate these type of items to elders on Native American reservations. There are many many other non profit organizations that can be found online that donate hand made items. I am sending along three links if anyone is interested in giving of their talent and time. The women are very appreciative of something that was hand made just for them!"


(addresses I was given in an email for the Pine Ridge donation):
Via UPS/FedEx:
Rose Fraser
Oyate Teca Project
Wakanyeja Okolakiciye Youth Center
1000 Youth Center Drive
Kyle, SD 57752

Via U.S. Mail, use this address only:
Rose Fraser
Oyate Teca Project
P.O. Box 316
Kyle, SD 57752


Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
328 W Gregson Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84115



Sherry, I was one of those whose spirits were lifted when you made and gave me that beautiful purple scarf. It was so thoughtful of you and came just when I was experiencing some difficult times. It makes me want to "pay it forward" as well. Maybe in my spare time I can get back to my knitting and bring a smile to someone too.


Shirley, Thank you so very much for the kind comment. That made my day! Hope you get back to knitting! Sherry

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