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2 A Quick Fix | "Make Your Bird Feeders a Little More Wind and Bee Resistant"

I have never had issues with bees to my hummingbird feeder in the past, but recently they became an issue. I noticed they were worse on windy days, as the feed would jump out of the holes making drops of sugar-water on the rim. I went to the hardware store and purchased some fishing weights, which made the feeder heavier, and not as easily whipped around by the wind. The fishing weights are perfect, as they have built in rings that can be easily hung over S hooks. I haven't had any bees since! I actually went out and bought a few more for my nut feeders, and now birds are able to feed more easily even on windy days. Voila! - AR



I've also read that smearing a bit of petroleum jelly ("Vaseline") around the openings where the hummers feed will keep bees away. I haven't confirmed that, though.


Good trick. I'll have to try that too! Thanks Phil!

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