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0 ADOPTED! Pet Adoption | Tyler is looking for a Happy Family!


Hello there folks, my name is Tyler and I have the distinguished title of Mr Congeniality out here at the shelter - voted unanimously, I might add. How does a dog get this position, you may ask, well, it's pretty easy when you have a naturally happy personality. I've worn out Pharrell's hit song Happy, it's my favorite tune, plus it drives Muggs crazy! I sing it all day "Because I'm Happy, Can't Nothin Bring Me Down."

There's a lot of happy going on these days, I just saw a pink T-shirt with the words Happy, Happy, Happy on the front, and the girl wearing it had a great big smile on her face. I wonder if they make those shirts in my size. I do mix my media up a bit, when potential adopters come out, they can hear me humming the old Turtles hit "Imagine me and you, I do...hmmmm so happy together." Maybe subliminal messaging will help get me the family that I've been waiting for. Luna (she's the Zen-doggie Master)has been trying to teach me some relaxation techniques, along with happy visualizations. One of which is that very colorful bus that the Partridge Family rode around in. I keep that in mind while singing "A whole lotta love is what we'll be bringing, we'll make you happy". Who knows, it just might bring a big family my way! I am not going to let all this waiting around get me discouraged, I'll keep looking forward & trying new tunes to attract the perfect family to my pen. Actually, I think you may have heard the newest song I've learned. It goes something like this "In every life, we have some trouble. When you worry, you make it double. Don't Worry, Be Happy" Come on out & see if we can't make beautiful, happy music together! Oh, and did I mention that because I have this gorgeous black coat, my adoption fee this month is only $50?

Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton
1308 Myrtle St, Fulton, Texas

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