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0 Roving Reporter | Aransas Pathways, Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary | Photos Taken and Shared by Sandy Jumper

Above: A great crowd gathered for the opening of the Linda S Castro Nature Sanctuary. What a beautiful venue for Aransas County. Below: Tom Callan, Pathways Co-Chair, presenting flowers to the Castro family. Photos Taken and Shared by Sandy Jumper. Thanks Sandy! 

Linda S. Castro Birding and Nature Sanctuary Grand Opening: Saturday, May 3, 10am
Located at 4041 Highway Business 35 North Fulton, Texas, this 4 ½ acre site is still under construction. Numerous bird drips are being installed. A new pavilion for viewing has been erected with a large slab for viewing. The viewing site drops off to a natural low spot that becomes a large pond during rainy times. Native plants have been placed around the slab and on each side of the site entrance. There is a good example of a remnant prairie that has a meandering path. Birds that can be seen: Yellow-bellied sapsuckers, sparrows, Pine Warblers and Eastern Phoebe. For more information please visit: www.aransaspathways.com

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