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6 Roving Reporter | "Great Turnout for Lecture About Raising Chickens" Shared by Kayla Butts

"The Texas AgriLife Office hosted the first class in their new series Backyard Basics on Raising Chickens. This hands-on event was organized by Dr. Kirsten Corda and featured live quail, chicks and Dr. Corda's very own hen, "Gerdy." This informal lecture presented by Justin Butts of Four String Farm encouraged audience participation and the class attendees offered up several great tips in raising hens, such as: eggs can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months by dipping them in oil and rolling them in salt, keep chickens cool by offering them a frozen 2-liter jug of ice, and you can make your own inexpensive feeder by cutting a large PVC pipe in half and placing stoppers on both ends. A great number of ideas were shared, too many to list here, and the response was so positive the extension office plans to host an encore clss in the next few months. Special thanks to Fred and Linda Marshall for their insight, expertise and work in setting up the live interactive displays. Thank you WWN for your help in making this event such a raving success!" ~ Kayla & Justin Butts



Will another meeting be held concerning chicks/chickens as we missed the first meeting??


Because of the wonderful turnout and several folks contacting us saying they were not able to make the first class, we are hoping to offer an encore class in about 3 months. We look forward to seeing you there!


Hello Janice! We have heard from several people since the class who have asked us to do another one soon! I will pass these messages to Kirsten Corda of the Agri-Life Office. She plans to do another class about chickens this year, and maybe they will do it soon. Thank you so much!


Rockport still does not allow chickens in cityl limits,correct? to bad...we would love to have chickens!


Just wanted to say, Thank you, Justin and Kayla, for an awesome class. It was very informative. My daughter and I really enjoyed it.


Thank you Julia! We had so much fun, and we appreciate YOU! Have a wonderful day!

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