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6 Roving Reporter | "Kudos from Barbara Gurtner"

​Monday as I was walking across Veterans Park for the Memorial Day Ceremony, I stepped into a hole and fractured both feet. Luckily no surgery needed, just big, black, heavy boots for the next 6-8 weeks. Kudos to The Boy Scouts, ACEMS, the Police Department, City Staff and many friends for ice packs and assistance and to Dr. Eddie Matsu for the excellent care and getting me back on my feet.​ Thank you all very much! - Barbara​ Gurtner



Oh my gosh, Barbara! How awful. I hope you are feeling better soon. Thank goodness for all the helpful folks in our community!


oh my! you poor sweetie! hope you heal up really fast!


At least your toes look pretty....nice color!


I do hope that they're air conditioned boots!!


Gold Hearts Full Of Healing Heading YOUR Way! xoxo


Oh my! So sorry to hear that. As my husband, sisters and I walked away we commented that we were so glad they didn't have to use the ambulance. I guess we spoke too soon.

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