Roving Reporter | "Officially Intimidated by a Great Blue Heron!" Photograph by Sally Mitchell

(c) Sally Mitchell
"I have now been officially intimidated by a great blue heron! I'd been photographing from the fish cleaning station at Cove Harbor. When I turned to leave, I found my exit blocked by a heron standing firm in the middle of the entrance area, clearly expecting fish. He stared while I took several photos. When I took a couple of steps toward him, he didn't move. Finally after several minutes, he moved a couple of feet to the side and let me pass. He stayed in the same spot while I took more photos from the other side, giving me the evil eye all the while, and was still there when I left. So next time I plan a trip to Cove Harbor, I have to remember to take a fish!" - Sally


  1. Alicia5/28/2014

    This is such a great reminder how beautiful yet protective birds can be...or any animals for that matter. (I have some mockingbirds in my backyard that have been dive-bombing us!--Must be a nest somewhere nearby.) Great shot and caption, Sally! Always nice to get the back story!

  2. Wonderful photograph Sally. Such personality!

  3. Anonymous5/29/2014

    He really does look like he is mean. Love the picture and love those gorgeous birds even more.

  4. MelodyR5/29/2014

    Sally, your pictures are over the top! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  5. I LOVE watching the "Great Blue Herons" everyday out on the dock as they 'cuss' at all the other birds who dare to enter their prime fishing spot. You reallly caught their attitude!!!! Great pic!

  6. MelodyR6/05/2014

    Every time I see a blue heron, I think of your picture. Thanks for such an intimate "slice of life."

  7. What beautiful detail you got in your photo. I think this is one of the most arrogant birds but so interesting. Love to paint them.


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