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1 Roving Reporter | "Skip The Plastic Recognizes Mary Beth Maxwell as ‘Bag Hero’"

April 30, 2014 - The Bag Hero Program is a campaign to educate and encourage the use of reusable shopping bags in the Coastal Bend. We recognize community members who set a positive example by bringing reusable bags when shopping for groceries or other goods.

For the month of May, our Bag Hero is Mary Beth Maxwell, a Corpus Christi resident and average shopper. We approached her last week as she walked out to her car after buying groceries. Wanting to know her motivation for bringing her own reusable shopping bags, we asked why she likes them. 

“The plastic bags just go flying everywhere and it’s horrible,” she declared. “It’s not good for visitors to see all the plastic trash in our city.” She sees the reusable bags as an easy alternative to disposable ones. “Sometimes I leave them in my car and have to come back out to get them, but I like having them.” 

Mary Beth’s pride in Corpus Christi shows and she understands that the simple step of bringing her own bags is helping to make our city cleaner. Way to go, Mary Beth!

For more information visit http://skiptheplastic.org or call (361)765-4445.

The WWN is a Proud Partner of Skip the Plastic.

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All this talk about plastic (which is very very important) but no talk about styrofoam. I find this odd. When I first moved here I was shocked to see places like DQ and What-a-Burger still using styrofoam. I had no idea people even used it anymore. In other parts of the country you would never see this. Not only is it terrible for the environment, as it doesn't disintegrate much like plastic, but it's also been shown to be a known carcinogen in humans. I never let my kids drink from styrofoam containers anymore.

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