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4 Something Fun: "Google Made The Tiniest Change To Its Corporate Logo — See If You Can Even Spot It" via Business Insider

If you're a designer or perhaps an artist this change might make a big difference to your eye....maybe not. Google made a very small change to its corporate logo. Literally it's a matter of a pixel. Can you spot it?? Don't cheat or spoil it for others, but pick out the letters you think look different...leave your guess in the comments section. After a few people guess, we'll post the answer.
google old 2
And here is the new logo:
google new logo
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I think it's the capital G. Is it shorter in the second one?


No, I think it's the second g. It looks chunkier in the bottom one. Am I right?? What do I win heh!


I think the letters are a shade lighter which makes both of the 'g's look less heavy.


The first "Google" looks taller and a shade darker?

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