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2 Tech Tips | "Protect Yourself and Friends from Unwanted Email" by Alicia

Don't think you've ever played a role in the amount of spam your friends get? Think again. Many of us like to send out mass emails to friends when a new grandchild is born, our business is having a new sales event, or simply to invite neighbors over for friday night happy hour, but if you are putting 2 or more emails in the TO: field then you could be opening yourself up to spam.

Spam isn't always from a scary overseas hacker (though it could be)--spam could be from your busy-body acquaintance who now has your entire contact list to e-blast whenever they get a new haircut! Ugh. 

If you want to protect yourself and friends from getting unwanted e-mail, use the BCC: field. This field stands for "Blind Carbon Copy" and shields the entire list from seeing ALL the email addresses you're sending to. So your friends still get your info, but not EVERYONE'S info. It also looks much more professional when sending business emails, as the only information included is the info you're trying to get out, not a massively long list of random email addresses in the recipients' header.

Using the BCC: field also inhibits those annoying emails from people who click the "reply to all" button and respond to not only the sender but the entire list. Before you know it you've not only gotten the email about the new haircut you don't care about, but also 20 emails from people you don't even know congratulating your acquaintance on the new do.

So be conscious and courteous of other people's privacy and try using the BCC: field today!
Alicia is the Principal of The Branding Arsenal. A graphic & web design business based in Rockport.



Thank you for this information. I have often wondered what this acronym stood for.


Do you think I could share this article with some people on my contact list and they would get the hint?? heeee.

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