The World According to Bella | "Fishing Opener: Catch of the Day"

We finally got the call at the end of April. Family and friends from home assured us that the polar vortex was over. It was safe to return. Even though I was sad to leave the beach and warm weather I really missed seeing all my friends at the dog park, especially Mulligan.

The drive from the south to the north seemed long. There was not much to do but look out one window, move to other side of the seat, look out another window, check on Mr. C’s driving to see how many miles were left for the day and nap. But I was good and never once did I growl or whine even though I was very, very bored. When we arrived in the Twin Cities Mr. C and Mrs. S agreed we could go straight to the dog park. Plus I needed to wear off some energy.

We did not stay long in the cities as Mr. C wanted to be up north for the fishing opener. I was not too enthused to get in the van and ride four hours just to catch fish.

Out on the lake Mr. C didn’t have any luck. In fact he didn’t have one little nibble. Maybe it was because I barked every time he threw out a line. 

After our boat ride Mr. C went inside to explain to Mrs. S why there would be no fish for dinner. I headed towards the woods for some afternoon exploring. 

I must have been gone a long time because I kept hearing my name being called over and over. Mr. C was standing on the porch when he saw me carrying my prize. If we had no fish for dinner, I thought this bird would make a really fine meal. Mr.C sprang into action and did his best to get me to drop the bird. But I was not about to give it up though I was a bit uncertain what to do next. 

His coaxing made me stand my ground. I wouldn’t unclench my jaws to let the bird go. But when Mr. C waved a piece of turkey and a rawhide bone in my face hoping for a trade I got weak. I couldn’t resist and dropped the bird. 

Mrs. S came running outside screaming. I wondered what all the fuss was about. Maybe it was all those feathers hanging out of the sides of my mouth that set her off or maybe it could have been all the feathers scattered about in the yard. You’d think they’d be happy to have ruffed grouse for dinner, especially since there was no fish. 

Now I am on yard arrest and not allowed to roam. I am back to my usual job of porch sitting guarding Mrs. S’s flowers and scaring intruders out of the yard. I thought I was just doing my job when I caught the bird but Mr. C and Mrs. S thought I got a bit carried away.

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)

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