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3 Unofficial Local Election Results | Rockport & Fulton, May 10, 2014

(Posted May 10, 2014, 7:26pm, Updated May 12, 12:24pm) Congratulations and thank you to everyone who ran so passionately to represent the wonderful City of Rockport, and Town of Fulton!

City of Rockport, Ward 4 Election

245, Barbara Gurtner
204, Adelaide Marlatt

(Source: City of Rockport. Additional information: 15 voters have registered to vote by mail. They have until this Tuesday to submit vote.)

Town of Fulton, Mayoral Election

89, Jimmy Kendrick
33, Johnny Taylor

(NOTE: UPDATE: Early Voting votes were included twice by mistake by the Town, so the numbers reported May 10th were incorrect, and now have been corrected above. Source: Town Secretary of the Town of Fulton.)



Thank you for the update!


Not many people voted.


Does anyone else think this update is a little strange. I mean it doesn't seem like a very close race at all, but the miscount is a little....well, strange....

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