"10 Tips for Beginning Runners" by Becky Sanders

Becky Sanders is a marathon 
runner, natural nutrition 
enthusiast & local business
owner of RunnerGirlNutrition.

1. Find a group or an accountability partner. (This will keep you accountable and focused.)

2. Get good shoes! I can't stress this enough! If for any reason you are hurting (more than you should be) get new shoes. It's best to get fitted by a shoe store like Fleet Feet. 

3. Don't worry about miles, run for time. Shoot for 20 mins and then 25 and then 30. I like the 2-1 rule: you can start by running 1 min and walk 2 mins, slowly changing that to 2 min running and 1 min walking. Don't be afraid or or feel guilty by walk breaks. We all take them even experienced runners! 

4. Take rest days!!!! Extremely important! Let your body heal! 

5. Reward your accomplishments. Buy new shorts once you reach 30 mins or something along those lines. Reward yourself for sticking to it. 

6. Find a goal. Pay for a 5k or a fun run that's local! This will help motivate you. 

7. Make sure you are properly hydrated. This means making sure you are drinking plenty of water EVERYDAY not the morning you run. Drink plenty of water. Coconut water is a great hydrator. Stay away from sugary drinks like Gatorade. Water will hydrate your body just fine! 

8. Stretching is SO important. This is how people injury themselves. Plan to take the extra 5-10 mins afterwards for stretching. 

9. Mix in strength training and other cross training (swimming, biking, etc) to keep from getting bored and to help build muscle! 

10. Have FUN!!! If it's not fun you won't stick with it. So don't leave out the fun part. Take pictures, wear awesome silly clothes, drag friends out with you or your kids, find new paths, rediscover yourself while running. 

Some of the best self love and peaceful thoughts I have are while I'm running! Enjoy it! Love yourself and love the run! 

- Becky Sanders


Anonymous said…
Good shoes are a must...but can I say also the right BRA! My favorite, supportive sports bras I have found have been from Victoria Secret. No they are not cheap, but as a pretty well endowed chica they support "the girls" so I can run without pain. nice article Becky!
Melody R said…
Remember...the most difficult part of running is getting out the front door!
Becky Sanders said…
Oh man.. I didn't even think about BRA's!!(something I don't worry about, if ya know what I mean lol) Im sorry! Yes that is very important!!!!! A girlfriend once gave me some great recommendations, Ill have to look those up again and make sure to post them.
Yes, getting out the door and for me just getting up and lacing my shoes up is the hard part! LOL

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